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You're hungry. Again!! Your stomach is grumbling. You feel an empty hole rolling around and knotting up inside your stomach, so you go in search for the only thing that will quiet that gnawing emptiness—a snack. Now, read on for some tips to help you be the best possible snackmeister.

Tip 1

Pick snacks to fill in your Pyramid gaps:

·         Hit your day's Bread Group target by snacking on Popcorn or Famous Amos Cookies.

·         Got Milk? If you don't have string cheese or a carton of yogurt handy, then how about some Cheese and Cheese Crackers or a bag of Cheez-Its?

·         Don't like to fiddle with messy Fruit, but need the boost?  Grab a Welch's Grape Drink, made from real juice concentrate and 100% Vitamin C!

·         Missing out on your Meats? Try a handful of scrumptious Salted Peanuts or Cashews to top off your day!

Tip 2

If you snack on foods that have some fat or sugars, no problem...just keep your helpings sensible.

 Tip 3   

Take time to enjoy your snacks as well as your meals. It takes a while for your brain to know (about 20 minutes) that your stomach is full. Slow down, eat, and enjoy.

Tip 4   

Make snack drinks count toward food-group servings. Drinking fruit juice, or a smoothie as a snack can help build your day's Food Pyramid. Try this: blend 1/2 cup seedless grapes and 1 cup ice cubes with 1 cup Welch's Grape Drink, and Voila! a low calorie smoothie!

Tip 5   

Do you reach for a snack when you're bored, nervous, happy, angry, or tense? If you do, you might be eating when you are not hungry. Find other ways to handle your feelings. Go for a walk, listen to music or call a friend.

Tip 6 

Use food labels to make smart snack choices.   The Nutrition Facts Label** tells you the calories, fat, and other nutrients in one serving.

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We just added A & W Root Beer as a product choice on our menu.  Be sure to check out the menu and see if a new snack or soda has your name on it!

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