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We are Service Specialists!

For over one year, we have been servicing a variety of businesses in Lewisville, TX  and the surrounding areas. Our accounts include two Bank of America buildings; Owen Lyon & Associates, CPAs; Cook Children's Urgent Care and Specialty Clinic; Childtime Learning Center; VistaCare Hospice; Friedman's Jewelers; and Diamond Touch.

We are a "niche" company, meaning that we cater to offices and buildings with fewer than 100 employees, and we offer personalized service. It's easy for us to do, since we live and work right here in Lewisville.

We are not obligated to any corporation, so we can offer a variety of different kinds of snacks and sodas from several different name brand companies. We hope you like what you see, and we will be glad to answer any additional questions; just give us a call!

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We hold ourselves to certain standards of conduct. They are:

  • We guard our online relationships
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Christian Internet Code of Ethics


Brain Snack:

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
Helen Keller


If you lose money in our machines, we will make it right!
If you have a coin jam, or you run out of a product, please call us as soon as you notice the problem.  All of our accounts are on a rotating schedule, but we will provide immediate service in the case of an emergency.
Product News:
We just added A & W Root Beer as a product choice on our menu.  Be sure to check out the menu and see if a new snack or soda has your name on it!

Business News:
We have a  new TRUCK to serve you better!

2 Hearts Menu
Choose the products you wish to include in your snack and soda machines.
Account News:
Thanks to your "word of mouth," we have several new customers! 

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