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Man Drives Truck through [Frito-Lay] Building
Published:  March 16, 2006 01:48 pm

Gainesville Daily Register

Tommy Patterson, 43, was driving east on U.S. Highway 82 when his 2005 gray Nissan Titan pickup truck crossed the center median and westbound lanes, according to Officer Terry Robertsonís police report. The pickup truck went into the ditch on the westbound south, hit a culvert and went airborne over a driveway and three-foot fence, according to officers on the scene.

The pickup truck smashed a green trash container, landed and continued east into a tin metal building that serves as a Frito Lay warehouse, at 3809 E. U.S 82. As it went through the building, it knocked over boxes of dips and chips scattering them about. The pickup truck came to a stop against boxes of Cheetos stacked against the east wall.

As the cause of the accident, Robertson listed Patterson having an epileptic seizure.

No one was inside the warehouse when the accident occurred.

A Cooke County Emergency Medical Services ambulance crew transported Patterson to North Texas Medical Center for treatment. Relatives, who responded to the scene, said Patterson was epileptic and could have had a seizure.

After police officers requested, a health department inspector was expected to visit the warehouse to check the snack food before it would be placed on the market.

INVESTIGATING THE SCENE -- Gainesville Firefighter Bryan Beaudin lifts the damaged tin siding from the Frito Lay Warehouse. A man, who suffered an epileptic seizure drove through the building Wednesday morning.
Jennifer Sicking Gainesville Daily Register /

Snack Attack
Robbers Can't Get Money, Fill up on Chips

NBC 15 News

Madison, WI--Local police are on the hunt for three men they say made away with snacks instead of cash when they robbed a local sub shop.

It happened at the Jimmy Johns Sub Shop on University Avenue at about 1:30 Sunday morning. Police say the men tried to get an employee to open the safe.

When the safe wouldn't open, the men reportedly took several bags of potato chips before leaving the scene.



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